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Friday, September 16, 2005


I'm not sure if he deceided to go for a walk or it's his brother, but I spotted this guy by the Library Tuesday morning!
I was really tickled to see him.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005


I can't believe it's been almost a week since I wrote. It sure doesn't seem that long.
Well, I have discovered one of the joys of living with Gram. You see family. LOTS of family. Uncle Len and Aunt Sharon came down Friday afternoon. They had an appointment to get the undercarriage of their van sprayed with used oil. This is supposed to keep it from rusting, or keep the salt off or something. I don't know. Apparently one of the last places that will do it is about 10 miles away from Gram's house. ick
So they stayed till about 4 Sunday afternoon. I had set up a dvd player to Gram's tv. (nice daddy to loan it to me!) Aunt Sharon and I wanted to watch a movie Sat night, but no sound. Uncle Len fixed it, I felt like an idiot. See I called Dad, but I had tried what he suggested and it didn't work. So when Uncles Len, Lewis and Rodney got back from getting something to put air into Gram's water pump (againg I don't know, I just live here) I shainghied him and made him help.
Uncle Lewis came for dinner Friday and Saturday night. Sabbath Lunch we all ate at potluck. I made stuffed shells, and none came home. (smugly)
Aunt Sharon and I watched another movie Sunday afternoon. We seem to get on pretty well togeather. Seems a shame I spent about 15 years resenting her taking my inner tube at deep hole when Mom called me. ahhh well.
Yesterday, Gram and I went over to Aunt Linda's and Uncle Rodney's for lunch (dinner to Gram, lunch to me) because little Rod (he's not little, it just helps keep them straight) had brought his girlfriend up for the day. They had been up to maine camping, they stayed at Wolf's Neck State Park Campground. I told them they should have called my parents, but this was a sneak attack on Maine.
Rodney's girlfriend's (they've been dating for over a year) name is Mycala. She's 25, has a BA in English and Psychology and has gone back to school for fashion design. She is sooo sweet, and funny. It was really good to see Rod again.
Gram's getting used to the idea that we'll be going to Maine in three weeks for a week, it takes some getting used to, but I keep telling her that her great-granddaughter Melissa is looking forward to seeing her. And I really want Melissa to see her when she (Melissa will remember her.)

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Ms. Infamous

I hope you'll know who I mean, 'cause I am not dignifing her with a proper name she doesn't deserve, as it is being used elsewhere to much better effect!

Anyway, she called last Tuesday. She wanted Gram to mail her all her mail. Then Ms. Infamous would stop by and pay Gram back on her way to Conneticut next month. Right.

Except Gram was set on doing exactly what this WOMAN told her to. I called Aunt Linda, who was as upset as I was, (I really wanted to get a restraining order.) we decieded that Aunt Mary (who was stopping by on her way to pick Emily up from AUC's Summer Advantage) could bring the mail and curling iron's we found back up to northern Vermont and give them to Ms. Infamous at Church.

We had Aunt Mary call to explain all this to Ms. Infamous, then we had to explain to Gram that she really didn't have to mail anything.

I couldn't write about this so close to the event, that person makes me so mad I feel like spitting nails!

Back in Maine

for a lovely little vacay and a Docter's appointment. I was planning on coming up on Sunday, but Aunt Linda insisted on my coming up on Friday.

That let me see Debs before she and mom drove down to AUC terribly early Sunday morning. Of course it might have only seemed terribly early, because I stayed up terribly late Saturday night, well it was actually even more terribly early on Sunday!

Next time I'll be up will be in a month. I scheduled Dr. Sibley for the same day I have my depression clinic, and that's just two days before Melissa comes out for her
Auntie Gail's wedding! Lissa will stay with Mom and Dad for a little over a week. And I think Gram needs a trip to Maine to admire all the pretty colors or whatever during that time! (hee)

Monday, August 08, 2005

Concert on the Green!

Last night Gram, Mopsy and I went to hear the Brattlebourgh American Legion Band. They were on the town green and Gram had a wonderful time. Mopsy was a good girl and stayed right with us, I bought popcorn and it was such a beautiful night for it.

Sunday, August 07, 2005


We went to Ruth's house on Thursday after Gram's exercise class, and she invited us to her house to watch the fireworks last night. Gram really wanted to go, and Ruth's house has a good view from the yard. They shot the fireworks out over the Conneticut River, ohhh it was beautiful! They lasted about an hour, and the grand finale went on for eight minutes! Increadible. The sound made me think of cannon fire.

Brief update

As you know we went on vacation, I went with Mom and Dad and Debbie, Gram went with Uncle Lewis and Jay. I think that's been covered pretty well. I'm back at Grams. I basically slept for the first two days I've been back.
Mopsy misses her cousins, she stayed with them for almost two weeks, and now runs around the house like a schizo kitty.
Gram is doing well, she wants to go pick more blueberries. We'll go later this week.

Thursday, July 21, 2005


this is going to be a busy day.

Gram's at her senior exercise class and I'm
here blogging. I got a membership here Tuesday. It's open during Gram's class and it's much bigger than the Walpole library.

Then I need to vaccum, clean the kitchen and bathroom, pack, take mopsy to the vet at 3:45 there is other stuff on my list but I can't remember all of it. Why the sudden flurry of activity? Because I'm getting my car inspected at 8:45 tomorrow morning, then it's off to Maine! (where I can show off my new plates! Did that on Monday) These aren't mine.

And why off to Maine not quite two weeks after I started my new job? Because I'm going to Niagra Falls! In fact everyone is. Aunt Linda & Uncle Rodney, Dad & Mom are taking Debbie and me, and Uncle Lewis is taking Jay and Grammy! Yeaaaa! Vacation! (And I don't even have to pay for it! hee hee)

Mopsy update. The cat is cute. And she knows it. She is soo affectionate and hyper. She'll follow you around like a little puppy, because she want's to be in the same room, once there she will stalk you, getting really close to the ground, only her tail twitching, then pounce she'll leap straight up into the air at you with all four paws streatched out like a flying squirrel! Then she'll land and run under the nearest bed, chair, table and start all over again!

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Week One: A Synopsis

It's been six days since I moved to Grammy's. We are just getting into a pattern for the days. It's much less stressful since Gail has left, fortunately she's not the only or first Gail we know so the name isn't ruined forever.
Gram doesn't underdstand why Gail left. When asked she says "She went to live near her son in Northern Vermont. I don't know why she left, we got along so well. My Children had one or two problems with her, she didn't want to go. I don't know why she had to go." Quoted as near as I can recall from potluck this afternoon.
Mopsy is a doll. Just so sweet. Much, much better than Miss Pricklepants. She is so affectionate, she loves people, has no fear of other cats or dogs (she and dixie {Aunt Linda's Cocker Spaniel} get along very well). If I walk from one room to another she will follow along because she just HAS to be near people.
Before Mom and I drove down Sunday night. Mopsy got sick. She was throwing up and had diarrhea. When she did that it got in her fur and the cat litter (I got the clumping kind) clumped on it, and I couldn't get it off. So she had a bath. Poor kitty was not happy, and was very cold. It took almost an hour for us (Debbie, Mom, and Me) to get her warm and happy again! (but she did look so funny wet!)
I'm holding up pretty well. It does take some adjusting, but by know Gram had driven (my cousin) Rachel crazy. Like I told Jay this afternoon, I'm older than Rachel and have been working with children for two years. This is actually easier because it's just one person not twenty!
Everything is so quiet here (except for the trucks going down the hill, but you get used to that!) Life seems to move slower, there are no tourists and no coffee shops! ahh well, I shall just have to bring instant chai with me from maine.